Clear Waters

A clear conscience

is the well-spring

of a contented mind.


(C) Kelly Hartland

5 thoughts on “Clear Waters

  1. Yeh, no one walks around without a backpack of regret… but at least today’s bag is light. I try to remain true to myself so as to keep it that way.
    For me it is a deliberate decision every day and every moment.
    At first daphneshadows, I trained myself using humiliation (sounds fun ey?) – every time I lied or made a mistake, I would rectify it by telling the person that I had lied to them, or I would appologise for a mistake I had just made.
    … It began to feel so awful and uncomfortable that I started to slow down and THINK through what and WHY I was doing or saying something.
    My conscience is as clear as it can be today, and days add up – today I feel good. 🙂
    I still make mistakes, but I just clear the slate as soon as possible – I’ve desensitised to what other people may think of me while I am doing it, because for me, what I think and feel about myself is more important – I am the one that will carry hell around in my backpack.
    I simply MUST keep my conscience clear in order to feel free, I find being happy easier this way.
    … ummm, thanks for listening…


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