Solus Is True

To forgive

before seeking an apology,

is true.


(C) Kelly Hartland


2 thoughts on “Solus Is True

  1. you know what??? i have found in my life,….that you just can’t beat perfect!!! kelly,…this, your new post, is exactly that! perfect!

    i can’t remember what the things that you write are called,…but,….i dig em! of course,…mine are all like 80,000 words long!!! today,…i wrote almost the identical thing which you shared with us here!!!! (and i actually did so in less than 40.000 words!) i’ll be posting it soon. i’ll try to remember to tell you it’s title when i do. actually,…i have your email address,…i’ll send you a copy if you like.

    i am also looking forward to seeing your next piece of artwork as well……….i hope it is soon.

    have a great evening, kelly…..


  2. The funny thing is – my writings are only as perfect as the interpretation of them… so what does your comment say about you 😉

    I read your post… I had to read it through my tears though. Your journey through forgiveness is a powerful one.

    I will come over to you and let you know when I put more of my art up 🙂


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