Honest Thinking.

To be honest with my thoughts,

and have my thoughts be honest with me –

is the beginning.

(C) Kelly Hartland


7 thoughts on “Honest Thinking.

  1. A step to becoming illuminating as the speed and intensity of which light travels. Hartland you never strike me speechless, you strike me with illuminating thought and it is these thoughts that burn brightly and are another fold to the social sword that is me forged between hammer and anvil of life.

    I love to write dramatic. 🙂


    • I think you are right about many people not being honest with themselves internally, especially in our western culture… with all of our WONDERFUL distractions!

      I think, it is possibly one of the bravest journey’s we can take.

      Great to meet you on the path daphneshadows. 🙂


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