Quotes Artfulness

The appealing thing about an aphorism/quote, I think, is that it contains few enough words to lead the reader towards a thought, without dictating that thought – thus allowing the reader the challenge of exploring their own terrain.

Kelly Hartland

4 thoughts on “Quotes Artfulness

  1. I agree! I think some people are drawn to such quotes, while others seem unintrigued! Aphorism addict here i think. Enjoying your aphorisms…words within words….then reflection upon that, leads to much thought and many times, more unique perspectives, resulting in? Yes, more aphorisms! My mother saved some of mine that I wrote as soon as i could write sentences I guess. No idea what the motivator was as a 7yr old, but ords and eloquent thoghts touch my core, and I find comfort in recalling a ote when I am inhaving certain lows or questions about life and choices, etc. My comment rambles here, but when I wr seriously, I too am a believer in less is more, moreoften than not. It’s easy sometimes, but the challenge of whiddling the idea down while still preserving the idea & poetic style making it memorable, are fun for me. Hours just writing one thought, can lead to days or more of tweaking. Some remain unfinished! Some, can only be expressed through art; looks like you are gifted in expression there. I like that you scratch up ur canvas, & thankful u shared the “why” behind it. I think that is great! Your medium seems more intimately connected with u that way? I could see how a pristine white canvas would seem “a lie” to the feelings u pour out. Charcoal is a favorite of mine. Lightness and darkness and so much blending. Any tips on ur technique? I have canvasses, but have grown a bit tired of painting as of late. Charcoal sounds fun. I suppose u do need to rough up the gesso though for the charcoal 2 adhere? Definitely post pix of ur wop


    • Oops, that posted b4 i culd edit. My pc cratered, so havn to do this from my fone. Sorry 4 any typos or sentences that r cut off etc. Am new to wordpress. Enjoy ur posts. Keep it up! Oh, last line above shuld b to post pix of ur work when u can. I kno a lot of folks are eager 2 see ur creations! Take care.


      • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, they were a delight to read laffinontheoutside – always glad to meet another Aphorist. Since you were 7! That’s beautiful 🙂
        And yes, I too can spend days (if not longer) on one aphorism – it is my obsession. Most of the time I carry it with me for a long while before committing it to paper. Sometimes I just speak it, and then hide while I write it down. It’s never a good look to write in the presence of another during a converstation!

        Thanks also for your comments about my charcoal painting.
        I prime the canvas first. My style is one I haven’t been taught – I found it while I was ‘playing’.
        I do recommend playing. I consider myself fortunate, in that I haven’t succumed to becoming educated in art. I sought training in the very basics (theory) in Oil painting, and took lesson’s in Pastel, but nothing formal. I feared losing my raw intention.
        The charcoal I fix in place with water, kind of like water colour – but nothing like it 😉 for the background, that is. The subject I just draw and blend – a dry paint brush helps. I cover the end result with the help of a good framer and glass.

        The wonderful thing about keeping a work raw, is that only when I have finished it, does it really tell me what I am telling the viewer. I learn much about myself upon becoming the viewer.

        Thanks again laffinontheoutside 🙂


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