2 thoughts on “Looking through a Mirror

  1. My inference is just that, not to hijack or to change meaning. I think of Mr. Poe (over played he is), he was gnawed by envious green hunger for all the traits he did not posses. We first must love ourselves and the traits we hold. Your blog is so damn cool.


  2. Ah yes, but when I think of envy (just to meander off topic a little) I think of how useful the emotion is – now I know that it is ugly from the outside, and REALLY uncomfortable from the inside… but… if we learnt to use it as a key to self question (instead of projecting the ugliness onto the other person). Questions like:
    Am I living how I ‘choose’ to live?
    What is it about that person that is appealing to me?
    Is this jealous feeling giving me a clue to something that is laying dormant within?
    After asking these questions, then we can then get to your next point – loving and appreciating ourselves.
    I think every emotion has its purpose, and it can be awfully uncomfortable to find out what – but it’s worth it 🙂
    Thanks Agent – always interesting having you visit 🙂


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