Wisdom In Naivety

Wisdom is an island,

with lakes of knowledge

and rivers of experience,


even wisdom must regard

the ocean of naivety

that relentlessly

transpires upon it.

(C) Kelly Hartland


15 thoughts on “Wisdom In Naivety

  1. Your words…

    Unabashedly carry the wretched superficialities of our world to a lost and distant place. With the momentum of an unstoppable force, they pause time–if only for a moment–and with the sheerest simplicity and a solemn-most reverence, remind your reader of the power that lies within us.

    To a shallowing species of rushing and pushing, taking and leaving, you stand out as a breath of fresh air.

    If my opinion counts, you’re the real deal. I had almost forgotten what inspiration feels like.


  2. Hi Kelly! May I seek permission to use this piece for a post I’ll be making in my blog. I’d like to pair it with an island photo of mine, sort of a sampler on a project I am to pursue, a collaboration between poets and photographers. I await your reply. Thanks! Regards. ~JJ


      • Thanks always Kelly! I’ll be posting it later, it’ll be a collaborative piece – your work and mine. and I hope I can gather enough poets and photographer who can share their works so i can come up with a digital magazine for this project. BTW, I seek your help. Can you suggest a good working title and description for this project, sort of Poetry & Photography: An Artists Collective. Its too bland. I know your creative mind can come up with something unique and catchy. sorry for the bother. 🙂


      • Right on! And if this gets to a good start and sparks interest, you might have to gather your poet blogger peers as i will do with photo bloggers, and we might be able to come up with enough materials for the first edition of a new digital magazine I’ll be making – an artists collaboration.


      • Thank you Kelly! That is one of my major projects in the near future, the joining of forces of poets and photographers, and to come up with a special publication. And that I think is attainable with you on board. Regards. ~JJ


  3. Hello Kelly! Again I ask you approval for this piece. I’d like to include this work of yours (together with the image I paired it with) in a full spread in the upcoming issue of JJ Digital Magazine (Issue #7 online by next week). Of course there will be a backlink to you and your blog. I hope you say yes because otherwise I’ll be nagging you no end. 🙂 Thanks! regards.~JJ


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