Consequences? …Paid anyway.

We would be a healthier Nation

if our Doctors only got paid

while we are well.

(C) Kelly Hartland

4 thoughts on “Consequences? …Paid anyway.

  1. Depends what you mean by well, I can hear the graybeards intoning. Sparky thought all the same, and amazed that it hasn’t attracted any comment, humorous or otherwise.

    (presume the nation referred to here is the US?)


    • Thanks Peter. I’ve reblogged this aphorism since (you could type some key words into the search bar above, and you will find more comments on this one), it seems you have delved into by archives 😉
      I imagine there would be consequences either way really. I just find it an interesting thought – would doctors prescribe all that they do if loss of health meant loss of pay.

      I live in Australia, but yes – US would fit too.


  2. Born archivist, me. Blogging as I do in a limited area of forgotten lore, it’s refreshing to get out a bit and breathe the more expansive air of your aphorisms. I wasn’t expecting Australia – forgive me for assuming US. Best wishes from Scandinavia.


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