Stirred to Settle

– I hold my opinion loosely –

loosely in my hands and wait –

wait and watch for the truth –

the truth,

to filter through my fingers,

and fall –

fall to the ground,

where it can be kicked up and stirred –

stirred to settle,

to settle into a foundation –

foundation worthy

to be built upon,

– but –

just as I begin to dream –

to dream of a grand building,

I see a crack –

crack in the foundation.

I fall to my knees –

not in despair,

but hope!

I look into the crack…

it takes time for my eyes

to adjust to the new perspective…

– and I see –

see a vastness of particles –

particles of truth.

I focus all of who I am

on just one particle –


– with my new eyes –

knowing, that this particle of truth,

is but a tiny aspect of the whole –

whole far greater

than my own comprehension.

Such is why…

– I Hold My opinion Loosely –

(C) Kelly Hartland

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