Compass With No Needle

Compass With No Needle - Kelly Hartland

You can purchase a copy of this painting at RedBubble, you’ll find it here.

9 thoughts on “Compass With No Needle

  1. There are only a couple of pieces of it on my blog. Sorry, very mis-leading to have the categories there and very little to show.
    So far the street art has been this particular painting printed onto a poster, then the poster cut down with an aphorism stenciled onto it. I have then pasted them onto a couple of walls (with permission)…
    My other painting, that goes with the painting that is shown here, was put into an exhibition upon completion – therefore framed immediately, which meant that I didn’t get a chance to photograph it without it’s glass.
    I am now working on a painting that goes with these two paintings – phew, I’m puffing just describing this! … in short – I need to put more of my art up!

    So, no. You are not looking in the wrong places 😉


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